Friday, January 6, 2012

Behind the Scenes of InsideAlcatraz

I would like to officially welcome both new and existing fans to InsideAlcatraz! Many of you are already familiar with me from my LOST coverage, and I truly appreciate that you're still following along.

For those who are new to my style, I wanted to let you know how this site will work during the regular television season (in this case, for ALCATRAZ from January - May). Just as I did for years on my LOST blog, I will be posting episode analysis following each new episode of ALCATRAZ. 

My schedule every Monday night will be as follows: 

  1. Watch the episode live, taking copious notes
  2. Type up extensive analysis, expanding upon possible theories
  3. Post the article between midnight-4am PST on Tuesday

In addition, I will leave Twitter and Facebook beginning at 5pm EST every Monday to avoid ALCATRAZ spoilers, and not return until after I've posted here that night. It is also my personal policy to never visit message boards or other blogs, because I prefer to offer up my own fresh analysis as soon as possible after each episode without the influence of anyone else's thoughts. 

Although I will be able to follow this process on a regular weekly basis, there will be occasions when life intervenes and my ALCATRAZ posts may not appear exactly when planned. For example, I will be out of town the week of January 30 and unable to post my episode analysis until the following weekend. So I appreciate your patience in advance!

To ensure that you have a pleasant experience on this site, I can make you a few very solid guarantees: 

  • I will never post an ALCATRAZ spoiler here, on my Twitter feed or FB wall
  • I moderate all Comments, and encourage constructive criticism and conversation rather than personal attacks or immature responses

In the end, all I ask you to keep in mind is that this site will feature one person's perspective among the hundreds that are likely to emerge after ALCATRAZ debuts. Offering weekly in-depth analysis is a labor of love for me that requires a tremendous level of dedication and time, and I am thrilled to have a new series to focus on. My intention is to make you think about a scene or character long after the episode has ended. And laugh. And share your thoughts both on this site and with your friends. 

I am a huge fan of television as a medium, and am particularly fond of a series that feels like an experience rather than a regular TV show. ALCATRAZ is such a series, and I am honored to have the opportunity to write about it from the very beginning. My theories will be purely speculative, and range from thought-provoking to outrageous. So bundle up for the virtual ferry, and join me for an entertaining journey inside ALCATRAZ!


maven said...

To see you post like this again, Jo, brings back so many wonderful memories from our LOST days! I, too, am hoping this is another experience....something that takes more than just watching, but makes you think!

Melissa_Lossa said...

Checking in to say hello! Maven, thanks for sharing this link with me - looking forward to chatting up some familiar (and new!) folks here.

shar said...

Looking forward to reading your weekly comments Jo, just like I did with LOST.