Wednesday, February 9, 2011

On Location: Visiting Alcatraz

I had the opportunity to visit Alcatraz today, and it was fantastic. The cast and crew were filming the pilot, and this was their last day on location. It is now officially a wrap! [Don't forget to bookmark and follow Jorge Garcia's blog to see what he has to say about the experience and show.] 

Right now I am sorting through and preparing the best photos to share with you, which I will post tomorrow along with a spoiler-free report from behind the scenes. Here are a few teasers to placate you in the meantime. 

Stay tuned for more filming details, as well as a chance to win a few small items from Alcatraz! I really do appreciate your early interest, and also your assistance spreading the word about this new site and Twitter

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Cast of Characters: An ALCATRAZ Update

This is cast of Alcatraz thus far (at least in the pilot episode, which is currently filming)...and what little we know about the characters. 
  1. Santiago Cabrera: Jimmy, police officer and Rebecca's fiance
  2. Samuel Patrick Chu: teenager
  3. Jonny Coyne: Edwin James, warden of Alcatraz
  4. Robert Forster: Ray Archer, retired detective and owner of a bar frequented by cops (lead)
  5. Jorge Garcia: Diego Soto, the Alcatraz "expert" (lead)
  6. Jason Butler Harner: E.B. Tiller, associate warden of Alcatraz
  7. Sarah Jones [pictured above in her last series, Lone Star]: Rebecca Madsen, police officer (lead)
  8. Robert Lawrenson: Barclay Flinn
  9. Parminder Nagra: Lucy, lab technician who works with Emerson Hauser (lead)
  10. Sam Neill: Emerson Hauser, head of an undisclosed government agency (lead)
  11. Jeffrey Pierce: Jack Sylvane
  12. Chad Rook: Luke
  13. Ian Tracy: Frank
As more cast and character details emerge, I will make sure to add them to the site...but only if they do not reveal any information that may be interpreted as spoilers.