Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Cast of Characters: An ALCATRAZ Update

This is cast of Alcatraz thus far (at least in the pilot episode, which is currently filming)...and what little we know about the characters. 
  1. Santiago Cabrera: Jimmy, police officer and Rebecca's fiance
  2. Samuel Patrick Chu: teenager
  3. Jonny Coyne: Edwin James, warden of Alcatraz
  4. Robert Forster: Ray Archer, retired detective and owner of a bar frequented by cops (lead)
  5. Jorge Garcia: Diego Soto, the Alcatraz "expert" (lead)
  6. Jason Butler Harner: E.B. Tiller, associate warden of Alcatraz
  7. Sarah Jones [pictured above in her last series, Lone Star]: Rebecca Madsen, police officer (lead)
  8. Robert Lawrenson: Barclay Flinn
  9. Parminder Nagra: Lucy, lab technician who works with Emerson Hauser (lead)
  10. Sam Neill: Emerson Hauser, head of an undisclosed government agency (lead)
  11. Jeffrey Pierce: Jack Sylvane
  12. Chad Rook: Luke
  13. Ian Tracy: Frank
As more cast and character details emerge, I will make sure to add them to the site...but only if they do not reveal any information that may be interpreted as spoilers.

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