Monday, March 19, 2012

ALCATRAZ WonderCon Photos & Schedule Update


Yesterday I attended the official ALCATRAZ panel at WonderCon in Anaheim, and also had the opportunity to interview the cast and creative team. I am editing the videos and aim to post those later this week. Because this site is 100% spoiler-free, I will not be sharing any of the season finale hints and teasers that were unveiled, nor will I post any videos that might reveal any details you would consider spoiler-ish. Trust me - we're all in for one hell of an exciting ride with these last three episodes, and will enjoy it so much more without knowing any details in advance!

While we await tonight's new episode, here are photos from the panel, autograph session and press room! They are in chronological order, and I recommend viewing them in Slideshow mode.

As a general courtesy, all I ask it that you please do not copy and paste any of these photos without providing a link back to me.


Episode 1.11 "Webb Porter"
- My analysis will be posted tomorrow night

March 26 (2-hour Season Finale): 
Episode 1.12 "Garrett Stillman" & Episode 1.13 "Tommy Madsen"
- My analysis will be posted on Friday, March 30 (after I return from abroad)

Special thanks to Jeff, Noreen, Steven and Lindsay, Bryan and Katie, Kiran and Parminder, Jorge and Beth, Jonny, Sarah, Robert and everyone involved with the show for making yesterday such a memorable and entertaining experience!


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Jbones72 said...

great pics! So great that they wree so accommodating! Looking forward to the spoiler free videos!