Monday, May 16, 2011

1st Official ALCATRAZ Footage & Series Debut News!

(photo courtesy of FOX)

This trailer was just officially released by FOX, who also announced that ALCATRAZ will debut mid-season (likely be January 2012). 

You can now "like" Alcatraz on Facebook and follow @AlcatrazOnFOX on Twitter. 

Based on this initial footage, what do you think? The look and feel certainly match up to my expectations, and I am VERY excited to see more. 

If I had to guess, they will screen either the entire pilot or at least 15 minutes of it at San Diego Comic-Con in July. I will be at the panel and in the press room, so stay tuned for reports from behind the scenes!


Zort70 said...

It's looking really good, and because I had heard literally nothing about the plot up until this point it took me bu surprise (pleasently)

maven said...

Love this trailer! I'm so intrigued and excited to see more!

Patmc said...

The trailer looked even better than I was hoping for! I wouldn't miss that panel at SDCC for ANYTHING! Looks like JJ Abrams has already grabbed me and strapped me in for another (hopefully) long ride... damn him... LOL!

lennyg said...

Looks cool. Easter eggs? A sylvan is a spirit that lives in the woods - bit of a stretch with mention of a Jack (!) Sylvane but never know. P.S. I got a kick out of being the 823 person to like the page on Facebook. (Yes, I may need my head examined)

Tess315 said...

I knew the plot but the promo has sold me. Can't wait until January.

1Miletogo said...

wow, that was pretty cool. I had only heard about it, but like Zort, didn't know anything about the plot.