Thursday, March 31, 2011

Filming ALCATRAZ on Alcatraz: Spoiler-Free Photos

Approaching Alcatraz via ferry
A while back I promised to post a few photos and report about my day on the rock, as I was able to spend an afternoon on Alcatraz as they were filming scenes for the pilot of Alcatraz on their last day here in San Francisco. 

Per my personal site policy, nothing I post here is ever going to contain any spoilers, so feel free to read on and peruse without ruining your future viewing experience. 

The lighthouse 
Outside view of the prison
The series will be filming in Vancouver, a city which has stood for San Francisco in other films and shows. I look forward to the details of both the exteriors and the costumes that the talented folks behind the scenes create, especially those which will be featured in scenes on the simulated Alcatraz. 

Shipping label on crate
I did come upon this crate of prison doors, which were shipped down from Vancouver. If I had to venture a guess, they had already filmed scenes using these doors and wanted to ensure consistency. 

Prop doors
When you go on the real Alcatraz tour, you get a glimpse of the clothing and items that prisoners were given. 

Prison shoes and peacoats (it is quite chilly out on the rock)
Prison amenities
And judging by this gaggle of (acting) prison guards heading toward their filming location, the Alcatraz team has gone to great lengths to recreate the look and feel of the era. 

Prison guards heading to film
Prison guards awaiting their scene
Prison guards touring actual cells
Cell 108 (a LOST #, naturally)

Alcatraz itself is as creepy as you've often heard described; freezing cold winds provide the soundtrack, and the empty cells speak volumes about their former occupants. All of these elements are sure to play a role in Alcatraz.
A creepy handprint above a doorframe in the prison admin building; people repeatedly reached up touched it, likely out of superstition...a detail I hope we see on the show
Night shots being set up on and around the water
Out of respect for the cast and crew of Alcatraz, I am not sharing any photos which reveal names of characters, places or objects. After the pilot has aired, I will post for all to enjoy. 

I will tease one little item: someone or something in the pilot will be a familiar name to fans of previous J.J. Abrams' films and shows...

I have a few items from the trip to Alcatraz, which I'd love to give out in return for a simple RT! Even though Alcatraz will probably not debut until Fall 2011, I would like to start spreading the word about the existence of this site. If you simply RT this on Twitter, you will be entered to win an Alcatraz magnet or set of playing cards. Don't worry, as time goes on, the giveaways get better. The Twitter feed for this site is: @InsideAlcatraz. Thank you in advance for your interest!


Andi said...

LOVE it! Can't wait for the series to start! And ... looking forward to reading your blogs. Second only to missing actually watching Lost, is reading your blogs that challenged my thinking, showed me things I'd perhaps missed - but most I thoroughly enjoyed reading the love and passion for the series that mirrored that of my own. :)

June said...

So very cool, Jo! Touring Alcatraz was a little creepy for me. It's been many years but I still remember the visit vividly. I'm so thrilled you are blogging about this new show...while they are filming the PILOT no less. Love it.